First Meetings
The first lecture will be held on Wed. Jan 20, 2016, immediately followed by a 15' "office hour" for Prof. Gerstein, for those with individual questions about the class. He will have an additional office hour at 5 pm on that day as well (in Bass 432). The class will meet again Fri. of that week (MLK make-up class).

Homework 0
We have small tasks for you to complete. For detailed information, please refer Assignments.

Changes from the last year
This is 19th year of the course. Please review the last year (SP2015)'s class website as a reference. In particular, many of the PDFs & PPTs for lectures will be similar to those last year. New developments for this year include:
  1. We've added an additional communication tool called Google Classroom. This will be used to post questions about homework assignments, midterm, quiz, or anything related to the class. Please sign-up using CLASS CODE: ayrc2k.
  2. This year we will try to promote the idea of reproducible research and using version control system, specifically GitHub, in facilitating the process of homework submission.
  3. In the previous year, we had 4 quizzes, one for each topics. In this year, instead, we've added a midterm covering the first half of the course and a quiz covering the second half of the course.
  4. Grading policy is updated to reflect changes in class structure.
  5. MOOC class is removed from the previous year.
  6. We will have a single discussion section on Friday 1 PM.
  7. Added a lecture on "Issues in Data Science (Privacy, Standard, Provenance)" by Prof. Dov Greenbaum.
Snow Days (general policy)
We have built into the class schedule the potential for snow days. To avoid last minute uncertainty and confusion, we will not wait until Yale officially closes the university for snow (which only happens in the most extreme of blizzards). If the weather looks particularly problematic a few days before (e.g., on Sat. for a Mon. class), we will preemptively cancel via the class email list, which means it important for all to be on this list.